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About Sean Safa, Kitchener Criminal Defence Lawyer

Over 20 years of experience in Ontario

Sean Safa, Criminal Defence Lawyer, is the proprietor of SafaLaw, a law firm in Kitchener that represents clients throughout Southwestern Ontario. Sean Safa is a well-known lawyer with over two decades of experience who handles cases involving criminal law matters and with whom you can feel confident in handling your legal needs. He defends all offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, Youth Criminal Justice Act, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and the Highway Traffic Act.


Experts in the Legal System

Sean Safa, Barrister and Solicitor, works with experienced professionals in the legal system, including private investigators, toxicologists, drug experts, psychologists, counsellors, and paralegals, to provide the best defence for his clients. If you’ve been charged with any of the following offences, contact SafaLaw to schedule a free initial consultation:

  • Impaired driving/Over 80/Failure or Refusal to Provide a Breath Sample/Impaired Care & Control

  • Domestic assault/ Assault Cause Bodily Harm

  • Mischief Under/Over $5,000

  • Robbery

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Sexual Assault

  • Break & enter – Dwelling or Commercial

  • Fraud Under/ Over $5,000

  • Theft Under/ Over $5,000 – Shoplifting 

  • Firearm Offences/ Gun and Amunition Offences

  • Drug Offences – Trafficking or Possession of Narcotics/Cultivation

  • Careless or Dangerous Driving – Stunt Driving/Racing/Speeding/Traffic Tickets/Failure to Remain at the Scene/Youth Criminal Justice Act Offences

All Calls Are Confidential – Contact Sean Safa Today at 519-570-1010
As an experienced Kitchener DUI defence law firm, our knowledgeable staff at SafaLaw is available to assist you immediately. All calls remain confidential. Sean Safa has successfully represented thousands of clients and you could use his knowledge and expertise to your advantage?

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