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Sean Safa, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Sheds Light on Vulnerable Sector Check Records in Ontario

Consequences of Theft/Shoplifting

If you’ve been charged with Theft Under $5,000, or shoplifting, contact Sean Safa, Criminal Defence Lawyer in Kitchener, to schedule a free half-hour consultation to discuss the charges and possible outcomes of your case. Theft Under $5,000 is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada that can result in severe consequences if you’re convicted, including a criminal record, fines, probation, and even jail time. Aside from these aforementioned penalties, having a criminal record could lead to loss of employment, a problem with immigration, or becoming a Canadian citizen. A criminal record could also result in the denial of entry into the United States and/or several other countries.


You Have a Vulnerable Sector Check Record – What Happens Now?

In most shoplifting cases under $5,000 without a prior criminal record, the Crown Attorney may offer to withdraw the charges. However, this will result in you being issued a Vulnerable Sector Check Record (VSCR), which could be a barrier to being bondable and gaining employment. Some potential employers require a background check that would turn up a VSCR. A VSCR could also prevent your future entry into the United States.


Sean Safa, Barrister and Solicitor, Has the Experience to Negotiate Your Case

Have more questions about Vulnerable Sector Check Records and their effects on your future? Contact SafaLaw today via phone or email. Serving clients throughout Southwestern Ontario, Sean Safa also represents people who have been charged with fraud or uttering forged documents. Sean Safa has the experience and expertise to negotiate your case with the Crown Attorney. If you retain Sean Safa, Criminal Defence Lawyer, he will have you sign a Designation of Counsel so you don’t have to attend scheduled court dates unless it’s ordered by the court or absolutely necessary to resolve your case.

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